When we’re going to buy or choose something, we must be thinking about one thing, what’s the most popular brand of this kind of thing ? The definition of the brand is a name that given to a product or a service. But, nowadays, brand not always a product or service. We can use it also in our life. It’s called I-Brand and personal branding. Today, I would like to share you about I-Brand. This concept was developed by Gary C. Sain in 2005. I-Branding is different from personal branding. Personal branding is develop to create a person become a public figure, expertise, or other subject. For example, funny comedian will always easy to remember by his/her audience than other unfunny. This “mark” could create a strong perception, opinions, or public image to them. I-Branding is more in developing ourselves depend on our segmented target/audience, because it’s connecting to environment of the person itself. I-Branding in the office is different from I-Branding on the stage or catwalk, because the target also different. Gary C. Sain has given 5 ways to develop I-Branding : (1) Do you have any uniqueness or different from other people on the eye of our target audience ? (Unique); (2) Beside you, are there any other people whom can contribute the same thing like you ? (Relevant); (3) Are you always ready to give the best ? (Credible); (4) Are you a person whom people can count on you and trustworthy ? (Esteem); (5) How much is your knowledge about subject of your work, including the problems and the solutions ? (Knowledge). I read the article about this also in Intisari magazine that Amalia E. Maulana, Ph.D wrote before we develop our I-Branding, we must know what are we going to achieve in next 5-10 years in the future, what are we need to achieve that, and how are we going to go there ? (1) Identify whom are our target audience in stakeholders, make a rank of priority, from main target to additional target, understand they need, study who are your competitors; (2) Make positioning of your I-Branding become unique, relevant, and has differences; (3) Design yourself become suitable on that positioning. For example, refresh your “packaging” through academic or made a great breakthrough; (4) Implement the value that you have agreed consistently giving contribution to target audience. Also create joyful brand experience, such as creating valuable moments; (5) Evaluate your I-Brand, how is the precision to the target, adjust your way and step if there’s an external change which is out of control. So, WHAT’S YOUR I-BRANDING ?


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  1. Terima kasih bu Amalia,
    Saya sangat bersyukur Ibu bersedia membuat link dari blog Ibu ke blog saya. Sungguh suatu kehormatan bagi saya.
    Sekali lagi saya ucapkan terima kasih. Mohon maaf, blog saya agak vakum belakangan ini karena kesibukan saya.

    Salam kenal

  2. I’m currently doing may final research at my university and I’m found your page by accident, could U tell me if you used other references in order to write your article??

  3. Dear Dorky Dimz,

    I also use the article from Intisari magazine, but sorry, I forgot the date and the edition

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